Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More wallpapers

Well I have had some fun with these. Superman and Green Lantern complete my little logo series for now. I have some others to do and will post them time permitting. This exercise reminds me when I first started drawing taking inspiration from the comics and trying to figure out just how my drawing of the character would differentiate itself from the source.

For Superman I shied away from the over beveled look of the recent Superman Returns movie. The fact that Superman is invulnerable, having some sort of hard shield is moot. I tried to make the two colors (red and yellow) appear different in makeup. The yellow catches the light more than the red stuff. Finding the red was a challenge, not too red and neon, but not too dark either. I think it works.

For GL I tried to approximate the power of the ring in the logo. The newer comics have little green willpower logos spilling out of his symbol. Considering the costume is a fabrication of the willpower from the ring the emblem could take on different appearance than say plastic or cloth. His emblem also casts a faint glow of power.

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